Please choose which payment you would like to make from the list below.

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE CONTINUING TO PAYMENT. If instructions are not followed payment may not be accepted.

The form shown below appears after you have clicked on the “Click here to pay” button and a new window has opened showing the paypal website. Just under the “Contact Information” button and  above the “pay” button you can see “NAME, SHOW, INSTALMENT NUMBER” and then next to it “add”. Click on “add” and it will open up as a box for you to add information into. You must write the participants Full Name, the project you are paying for (i.e. “Annie Jnr – Easter”) and the number of the instalment you are paying for – you choose which instalment to pay when you click on the “Click here to pay” button.

It should look something like this: “Annie Warbucks. Annie Jr – Easter. First Instalment.” or “Jack Baker. Into The Woods – Fringe Project. Third Instalment.” etc.

It is imperative that this box is filled in, without the information supplied we CANNOT track the payment and the application is not complete without payment, meaning the space could be filled.

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Rent 1st Instalment


Pay Project Here!
Pay £25 Project Fee Here!

Rent 2nd Instalment 


Pay Project Here!
Pay £50 for the 2nd Installment

Rent 3rd Instalment 


Pay Project Here!