Congratulations to all involved in YMTS’s production of Fame!

It’s true what they say, that a cast becomes more like a family and that was truly felt on stage.

You should all be so proud of yourselves doing such #hardwork over the past two weeks! Everyone worked together in order to produce such an enjoyable show.

Well done everyone!


It goes without saying that the production is no where near possible without a fantastic orchestra, who were set up behind the stage for Fame!

YMTS Orchestra were outstanding and deserve massive appreciation for what they do to bring the production alive even without seeing them tucked behind there! The #hardwork they put into each show was superb so congratulations and a very well done to all!


Mitchell-Jay Walton was asked to have a say in his involvement with Fame! And here’s what he had to say:

“Hi I’m Mitchell-Jay Walton. I’m 16 years old and this summer I played Mr Myers in the YMTS production of Fame! I love my role and this is my first ever time on stage doing a production. It was really nerve-racking when I first got on stage to say my first line but after I has said it, I felt a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders and the rest of the show was smooth sailing. The casting weekend was very welcoming when you first go and after a while you have made a lot of new friends. It has been a really great experience and I’ve definitely caught the acting bug, I love it!”



Week Two

The second week of rehearsals has seen us move to the stage and start the process of re-spacing all the work put into the rehearsals. It’s brought a new wave of excitement to the cast and its beginning to feel a lot more real!

3 days until show time!

Day Three

Lots more of dancing yesterday!

Louise was a bit photo happy yesterday:

Fame! I’m gonna live forever..

FAME! I’m gonna live forever
There she goes!
Ain’t she a picture of a real life star

Day Two

No rest for this cast!

The day started with an intense warm up with Julieann and the cast were prepared to take on Tyrone’s number – “Dancing on the Sidewalk”. If anyone thought “Hard Work” was challenging, this number is something else! Seriously sharp choreography! (Amy got a bit carried away with excitement and spat across the table there..)

We caught Scott who plays Tyrone to ask him a few wee questions about his role:

L&A: How are you finding the dancing that comes with Tyrone’s role?

Scott: I’m really liking the dancing, it’s definitely one of the fun things about the part and at the casting weekend that was one of the things I enjoyed too.

L&A: What are you looking forward to most about the show?

Scott: em…… That’s quite a hard question…

L&A: Oh no we didn’t think much about this, did we..

Scott: actually, probably getting on stage with everyone again, to experience that group feeling

L&A: Can you sum up Fame! in 3 words?

Scott: Uuuuuh, challenging, enjoyable and…. Fast!

Thanks Scott!



Day One

Hard Work!

The day started full of enthusiasm and a vocal warm up with Alan. It was time to take on the biggest number of the show. At 14 minutes long, “Hard Work” was always going to be the most challenging. After a sing through it was time to put movement to the lyrics and the cast discovered why the song is so appropriately named!

A full day of “Hard Work” (literally!), the cast had learnt the whole song and the dance routine!


Who is blogging Fame!?

The whole cast are involved in the production which leaves little time for blogging what they are up to, so chaperones Louise and Amy are giving it a shot! This is a first for them as they had never even heard of WordPress (seriously, we still don’t get it) but somehow making this work to bring you day to day updates on how rehearsals are going as well as interviews with the cast.

Just bear with us if it’s a bit all over the place!

An introduction to Fame!

This musical is based on the 1980 film and tells the story of students attending the High School of Performing Arts in New York. At PA, there’s a variety of different students including dancers, musicians and actors and in particular the story follows Carmen, Serena, Nick, Joe, Schlomo, Mabel, Tyrone on their journey at the school.

With a highly enthusiastic cast, YMTS’s Fame! production is full of well known songs and lots of fabulous dancing which will bring out the dancer in everyone!