Crummy Orphans!
Show Day!! 

Just want to say a massive well done to everyone tonight. First show went very well. Tomorrow I will be taking lots of pictures backstage and also doing interviews, and tweets so keep up to date. But for the first it went very good! Keep up the good work everyone and get a good nights sleep tonight, for the two shows tomorrow.
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Day 5 of rehearsals…


Wednesday went really well we manage to run through the whole show, and making them cleaner. On our vocal warmup we Sang Happy Birthday to Rhys who was 12 today. All of the cast worked extremely hard, and all ready for putting Annie Jnr on stage tomorrow at the Lochgelly centre. For our very own dress rehearsal.
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Day 4 of rehearsals… Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 21.02.34

Today went very well. So busy, but everyone was amazing! First of all in the morning we got to meet Jack the dog. Jack is playing Sandy, in Annie! It was very exciting and he’s a lovely dog. All of the cast worked extremely hard, and finished off all of the choreographed danced routines. They are looking amazing! Rooster, Lily, Daddy Warbucks, Annie, Grace, and Miss Hannigan also worked amazing finishing almost all of their scenes! Well done everyone keep up the amazing work, can’t wait for tomorrow.
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Meet Duffy… 

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.10.28
Annie, Molly, Duffy & Pepper
Today I done an interview with Duffy, I asked her how she felt about getting to play Duffy, and a bit about herself. Let’s see what she said…
“Hi, my name is Cara I’m 11 years old, and so happy to be playing Duffy in Annie Jnr with the YMTS. This is my first show with the YMTS. When I was 7 I done my first kids on stage show and continued to love acting ever since. I now go to YMTS drama on a Friday night. When I got told I was playing the part Duffy I was so happy, because I’ve always wanted to be an orphan in a play. I have been dancing since I was in nursery. I’m really enjoying working with the cast and making loads of new friends!”
Thanks for reading! 🙂
Camryn~ PJ

Day 3 of rehearsals …

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Sleepy orphans!
Today was really fun. In the morning we done a lot of singing with Alan, and the orphans went into the back room to practice their songs, and scenes. We all worked with Julieann the choreographer and managed to complete 2 new full dance routines. Also we practiced NYC and polished it up! Everyone is doing so well and words cannot explain how excited we all are! Can’t wait for this week, keep up the hard work everyone you are all fabulous!
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Day 1&2 of rehearsals…
This weekend of rehearsals have been amazing. So fun and busy, everybody has worked so hard on everything. The dance routines are looking really good, and the singing is sounding awesome! On the second day of rehearsals we ran through the script and everyone is playing their part so well. We have been working with Alan, the music director and been singing quite a lot of the Annie songs. We can’t wait to finish them off in the week. The cast have been working extra hard with our choreographer Julieann who is teaching us fabulous dances! All of the cast cannot wait until this week of Annie Junior! Thank you for an amazing weekend YMTS! If you have not got your tickets yet please do so as you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing show!

1st April

Sophie, who is playing Annie
Sophie, who is playing Annie

Annie is played by Sophie, who is very excited to have this main role.

Sophie is 11 years old and loves to act.

She played a dwarf in Carnegie’s Panto last year.

Sophie loves to act, sing and dance. And cannot wait to be playing the role Annie, and getting to sing Tomorrow, and lots of other songs.

Sophie said, “Iunknown can’t wait to start working with the cast and all their talent, I’m so excited and have been learning my lines really hard.”

She has also starred in the Sound of Music and Pinocchio.

This is Sophie’s first show with YMTS.

When Sophie first found out she got Annie she couldn’t be more happier and cannot wait until Easter!

Camryn ~ PJ

Sophie ~ Annie 🙂


logo_200x200_00017018 March11050227_10152926606314093_8573978528942819588_n
This weekend was the
11057389_10152926606754093_7985078853110412869_ncasting weekend for Annie! It all went very well and very exciting. On the Saturday we got to know each other and our director Amanda. We also played some really fun games. We were there from 10-4. On the Saturday morning we went into groups and done our acting audition, from a scene in the orphanage. Then in the afternoon we met Katie. We all practised our songs for the Sunday with Alan. Then after a very busy- fun packed Saturday the day ended. On Sunday we all done our singing audition. We also started off meeting our choreographer Julieann, who taught us part of the dance to Its a Hard Knock Life and You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile. The moves were great and everyone looked amazing. And finally at the end of the day, Amanda gave out the parts. Everyone done so well, and we all can’t wait to start again in April.

Camryn- PJ